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How I used TripHobo to organise the best holiday ever

One of the things I love almost as much as going on holidays is organising them. As you may have read from my other blog posts I often plan a holiday where I only have a limited number of days to explore a city. This means I have to see and do a lot to get the most out of my trip. This is where TripHobo became my life saver.

Research is key to planning a good holiday

Research is key when trying to organise everything you want to see and do while also giving you plenty of free time to explore. When I have my flights and accommodation booked, I set out to create a list of things I want to do and make a schedule of when I plan to do them. While I don’t always keep to the schedule, it is great to have an idea of where places are. For example by researching I know if there are a few museums near each other. I will do these together rather than going from one side of the city to the other wasting valuable holiday time.


I normally do all this research myself and then create a schedule on word and print it off. More recently I came across TripHobo. This is a website that allows you to create a schedule online that you can easily edit and change to suit your needs.


How it works

You start off my entering the location of your trip, you can also include your flight schedule and your accommodation.

My first time using this feature was when I was planning a trip to New York. As you can imagine New York has so many things to see and do it is hard to fit everything in. With TripHobo I was able to organise my days easily. Many of the main tourist sites are already in their database which you can drag and drop to a particular day and time of your choosing. All these pre-installed tourist sites also have information about the place you are going to which makes your schedule your own personal guide. You can also add notes to different activities which I found helpful for example a nice restaurant I heard of that is near by

Once as you have the schedule done you can see on a map view of everywhere you plan on going. This was really helpful as there was one day where I was travelling everywhere. I knew if I tried to do this day as I had planned I was going to be exhausted so I was easily able to change it to a more realistic itinerary.

If you are not in the mood to create an itinerary from scratch, you can search other members plans of the TripHobo website and customise to suit your trip.


TripHobo has an app

Like any good website these days TripHobo has an app that you can easily access your schedule. I found it easier to create to itinerary on my laptop but once as it was done it was easy to see what the plan was on my iPhone.

I loved sharing my travel plans

The best part about this website was the ability to share it with others who were going on the trip with you. You can give them permission to edit the schedule so they too can be involved in the process. There is also group chat feature that everyone going on the trip can talk to each other.

The downsides to TripHobo

The one downside I found to the group feature was that only one person at a time could edit the schedule. Although it was easy to switch permissions from one to the other, only one person could actually plan anything at one time.

I also found the website seemed to push their booking accommodation and tour guide feature a lot. Of course this is somewhat understandable as this is probably how they are able to fund this website however it can be annoying at times, especially when I imputed onto the site that I had already booked my accommodation.

Would I use it again?

Even though there are one or two features I would like to change overall this is a great utensil to have when organising a holiday. I will definitely use it again and even take inspiration from the other travel planners on the site to look for my next travel adventure.