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UGO, the 100% waterproof bag – Review 

Ugo 100% Waterproof Bag

I recently went on a beach holiday and decided to make the most of my Kickstarter purchase and bring my Ugo bag with me.

One of the things I hate about going to the beach is where to put my stuff. You either have two choices in this situation.

  1. Bring as little as possible with you on the beach and having to do without your phone
  2. Take your chances your items won’t be stolen while you’re out swimming. Even if I do this I am never able to relax as I need to keep checking on my things.

The Ugo Bag

The Ugo bag eliminates this problem by allowing you to bring your stuff with you when you go into the Sea. Their website claims it is the world’s first 100% waterproof bag

When I bought this item, even though I was hooked in with their video ad, I was still skeptical. Especially when I saw that the bag zipped together I felt there was no way it could be truly waterproof.

While Kickstarter has let me down in the past I am delighted I purchased this product

Is it waterproof?

Even though I had gotten some months ago I hadn’t really had the opportunity to test it out properly. After testing it at the beach the last number of days and I must say it does hold up and not a drop of water got into the bag.

Ugo 100% Waterproof Bag

 It can store all my essential items

Ugo is big enough to hold my Kindle and whatever other items I have such as my phone, keys, money, watch etc. The bag also has different sections to keep things organised and has a clear section on one side so you can use your phone.

Ugo 100% Waterproof Bag
Should you buy this product?

Regardless of the name, it is anything but Ugo. It is beautifully designed and you would be happy to take it somewhere with you after your water activity

I have been really impressed with this product. It is currently 149 dollars online on their website. I think if you are a person who does a lot of water activity it is worth the money.  If you just go to the sea once a year maybe buy this for your phone instead for 10 euros.