USA travel ban: All your important travel questions answered here


Last Friday Donald Trump’s executive order sent shock waves all over the world when he made the decision to ban certain nationalities entering the USA.

Here is the full breakdown of who is affected and what you need to know about the USA travel ban.

The rules in relation to this ban keep changing over the last couple of days. My suggestion is if you feel you are travelling to the US contact your local US embassy.

Update 4th February 2017, 9.37am GMT: A Federal Judge has blocked the executive order allowing previously affected countries to travel to the USA, however Trump has advised he will be appealing this decision. Read more here 

What countries are affected?

There have been seven countries that have been affected: Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, and Libya

Refugees from Syria have been banned indefinitely and all other asylum seekers have been banned for the next 120 days.

This is the official statement from homeland security

Are Green Card holders affected?

Only green card holders of the seven banned countries are affected.

If I am a citizen from one of the banned countries with a green card will I be allowed enter?

Initially the Trump administration had banned green card holders however they have pulled back on this rule. According to Homeland Security, citizens from these countries with a green card are allowed enter the country. Their information and fingerprints will be taken and they will be subject to a secondary interview.

If I am a dual citizen am I safe to travel?

If you had dual citizenship from Ireland and Libya for example, initially travel had been banned. The International Air Transport Association have now told airlines that once as the person has citizenship from an approved country they will be allowed enter provided they meet all criteria and may be subject to further questioning.

USA travel ban

What happens after 90 days?

Trump has stated that after 90 days the US will be issuing visas again to all countries. The reason for this ban was to put a hold on all visas while “secure policies” are put in place. It is uncertain at this time what these policies are going to be.

What should I do if I am travelling to the USA from a banned state?

Whether you are a dual citizen, green card holder or have another visa, contact the local US embassy to clarify if you will be allowed into the country. There is a lot of confusion at present about the USA travel ban and the rules seem to change on a daily basis.

Has pre-clearance in other countries been affected by the USA travel ban?

A certain number of countries offer a pre clearance check which means you can complete this visa process before entering the USA. Many countries that offer this service are in disagreement with the executive order and questioning if it is legal. Ireland which is one of the few countries to offer this service is now reviewing their pre-clearance facilities but this service is still being offered. At present they are still applying the same rules as in the USA. Check with your local airport with regards to their pre-clearance rules

In what other ways will this effect travellers?

The Iran Foreign ministry have now stated they are banning Citizens of the US entering their country.

What about the H1- B work visa?

The H1-B work visa is used by different companies to hire speciality workers from abroad such as computer technicians and doctors. A draft executive order has been created that could potentially ban these people from taking up work in the USA. This could extend the USA travel ban to every country with regards to work visas. This has not come into effect yet and currently only effects travellers who are from the seven banned countries entering or leaving the country.


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