A Week In Albuferia, Portugal

If you want to have a cheap holiday with a bit of sun Albuferia is the place for you.


Where to stay – Old town or new town?

Albuferia is known in two parts old town and new town. Basically the old town as the name suggests is the original part of the town. The new town is pretty much just a strip of bars and clubs. Both parts are about 20 minutes’ walk away from each other so it is really a matter of preference as to what you are into. Although we were staying in the new part of town we tended to spend our evenings in the old town as the restaurants were nicer and there were bars there that just seemed more authentic.


Where to eat

Many British holidaymakers travel to Albuferia so therefore there are many restaurants that serve English food. What I found was the menus in most of the restaurants were the exact same no matter where you went. However there were some that were not. These were my favorite.


Mi Sombrero

This Mexican restaurant was recommended to me before I went on holidays and it did not disappoint. It was so good we went there twice. The food there was really tasty and I especially loved the nachos. Make sure if you go there to get the Sangria which is delicious


Setima Onda

My favourite restaurant was just outside the old town as you are walking towards the new town. The dinner there was the best I had eaten in Albuferia. The staff were also really friendly. It was a bit more expensive than other restaurants in Albuferia so if you want to splurge a little this is the place to go. They also have a bar downstairs with lovely views of the beach. See their Facebook page here 

What to do

Seafaris glass bottom boat trip

There are many places that offer boat trips that are boat parties and include cave tours. I wasn’t into doing a boat trip with a large group of people so we opted to go on this boat trip instead. It only carries approx. 12 or so people and it has a glass bottom that you can observe all the sea life underwater. I quite enjoyed it however it might not be that exciting to others in comparison to the other boat trips available.


Zoo Marine Algarve

We went on a day trip to Zoo Marine where we saw a lot of animals including dolphins, seals and parrots. it’s a lovely day trip especially if you want some water activities but not spend the day doing it. See their website here 


Beach time

Albuferia has a large beach area where you can rent out a sun lounges or just lie on the beach with a towel. My favourite bit of beach was near the Beach Caffé on Oura Beach. There was a little alcove where for a fee you could sit on the sun lounger owned by the restaurant on the beach. The best part of this was they bring drinks and food to you and you were only a few steps away from the restaurant if you wanted to have lunch. Heaven!!
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Week in Albuferia Portugal