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What to expect from Game of Throne’s Season 6 Finale

Game of Thrones Season Finale is due to take place on the 26th of June and is to last for 69 minutes, the longest GOT episode ever. So what are we to expect/hope for in the season finale?

This blog post may contain some spoilers relating to information from the books and previous episodes of the show so you have been duly warned. From here on out you are on your own!

The Future for Sansa/ Lady Stoneheart

Ramsey Bolton’s demise was definitely one for the fans where Jon beat him to a pulp followed by him being fed to the dogs. After the epic battle of the bastards, we saw Sansa have a conversation with Ramsey Bolton before his death making reference to how he was part of her. This reference has been coming up the last few episodes. Sansa has also made reference to Bolton being part of her and not being able to escape that feeling.

Lady Stoneheart

One theory is that Sansa has now become the TV version of Lady Stoneheart and the feeling she is having is Bolton’s darkness and evil-doing. In the books, Catelyn Stark was brought back from the dead by the Brotherhood without Banners. Catelyn becomes Lady Stoneheart who seeks to revenge those who harmed her family. While we saw the Brotherhood two episodes ago with Sandor Clegane, Catelyn’s resurrection occurred a few days after her death in the books and not months later. It is felt it has been left for too long now to occur. But yet, the way in which we saw Sansa allow the dogs rip Ramsey to shreds and happily smile on her merry way afterwards was not Stark like behaviour. Maybe Sansa will be the one to take on this mantle to seek revenge against the Stark enemies.

or could it be…..

The other theory is of course, is that she is pregnant. This would be disappointing for Sansa given she was happy in the knowledge that the Bolton line was eliminated forever. In the trailer for the season finale, we see Littlefinger/ Lord Baelish having a frank discussion with Sansa. I believe Littlefinger is going to offer her a proposal of marriage. This would be appealing to Littlefinger as he always seemed to have a thing for her (and her mother!). Even though he is acting as head of the Vale he is only doing so on behalf of Robin Arryn and is not officially Lord of the Vale. If he married Sansa this would give him more legitimacy over the vale and would be Lord of Winterfell. Jon is not a legitimate heir so cannot be the next Lord of Winterfell (plus no one knows that Bran is alive). If this is the case that Sansa is pregnant she may be willing to accept the offer of marriage to pretend it was Lord Baelish’s child.

Kings Landing

It’s getting heated in Kings Landing where Loras Tyrell and Cersei’s trial are due to take place. Unfortunately for Cersei, she cannot choose trial by combat as this has been outlawed so the Mountain fighting for her is out of the question. I think she may have some other trick up her sleeve and some wildfire may be on the cards again. Even though Margaery seems to be playing the part of a born-again religious fanatic she is still loyal to her house. Margaery is also clever enough to not break this role until the opportune moment.

Jamie said once as dealings were finished in the Blackwater he was going to return to his sister. I think there could be a possibility of him dying for her in the last episode if the situation becomes heated. I found there was something poignant about Jamie watching Brienne rowing down the river in episode 8. Either they are going to kill one another in the future or one of them is getting killed off and that was their last goodbye. Though as the episodes are no longer tied to the books I think they are less inclined to kill off major characters.

Where is Bran?

Bran now that he has found his uncle I imagine they will begin to head down south to the north away from the Walkers (see what I did there!!). I think we are going to see more flashbacks in this episode and find out more about what Bran’s purpose is. We may also get a glimpse Jon Snows lineage (wishful thinking perhaps). There is a theory that the Mad King was not so mad at all but rather it was Bran in his mind similar to Hodor. I think we may see more of this in the final episode

Will Ayra make it home? 

Now that Ayra has honed in on her blind skills with needle and has given up being the girl with no name gig she is due to head back to Westeros. I think her part will be fairly minimal in this episode. I would love to see her back together with the Hound but I think their reunion will have to wait until next season.

Will Daenerys finally cross the narrow sea?

  1. Win over the Dothraki – check
  2. Have a team of dragons to bend to your will -check
  3. Get the Unsullied army to work for you – check
  4. Band together an expert high council – check
  5. Have a practice run at taking over a city – check
  6. Get a shed load of boats – CHECK!!

It seems like fans have been waiting FOREVER for Daenerys to get her act together and return to Westeros. She has never been in a better position to act on this and I think now the time has come. But yet, I don’t think we will see much of this happening in the last episode as this might be more of a storyline for next season. I can imagine the final scene might be her hopping on a boat/dragon with a load of Dothraki. The producers seem to be partial to finishing off the season with whatever she is up to.

See the trailer below for the final episode of season six.