How your gmail account could be affected by Yahoo being hacked 

Do you have an old account with yahoo? If so all your other online accounts such as Gmail may be affected 

While most smug Gmail users would brush off the news of over 200 million yahoo accounts being hacked, you may be in for a shock to know your Gmail account may also be affected.

Think back to the time before Google existed.  While it’s hard to remember 2003BG (Before Gmail) For many people yahoo mail was the first email account you had. While you may not have used it in years, you may still have used pretty much the same username and even the same password. It would not take a genius to figure out the details for your Gmail account.

If you are also a regular user of Flickr, this account has also been affected as you need a yahoo account to log in.


What you need to do to protect online accounts.

If you have been using the same password for multiple accounts change them immediately. All passwords need to be different on each website you use. While it’s hard to remember every password, there are apps such as 1 password  or Last Pass that will keep your passwords safe. You can always do the old fashioned thing and write them down in a notebook (just make sure you keep it in a safe place)

If you are worried about any online account being breached you can check this out on Have I Been Pwned  website which will give you a good analysis of possible breaches to your account.