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Wait for your USA flight in style at the 51st and Green Lounge, Dublin Airport

I was really excited to be travelling to the USA for the first time this year.

I flew from Dublin to New York in April and like most typical Irish people I got to the airport extremely early. When I say early my flight was due to depart at 10.45am. I decided without knowing how long it would take to go through the pre-clearance and wanting to look around the shops I should get there at 6AM!!

Thankfully because I got there early, I breezed through pre-clearance. I had been checked and cleared in less than 20 minutes. After breathing a sigh of relief getting through American airport security I was then left with a conundrum of now having 3 hours to wait for my flight.

There is not much past the preclearance section. There are a few coffee shops and places selling pre-made sandwiches, the places you usually expect next to the departure gates.

I had done some research online beforehand and came across the 51st and Green Lounge. As I had plenty of time I decided to try it out for myself.

The Cost

The cost is 35 euros online or you can book at their reception for 39 euros.  I was somewhat sceptical at first as I thought it was slightly expensive to essentially get access to a room. I always feel whatever I spend at an airport is eating into my holiday fund so if I decide to purchase something it better be worth it.


I was really impressed with the lounge. There was free wifi, newspapers and access to shower facilities if you needed it. There was a lovely selection of breakfast muffins, croissants, pancakes and everything that you would expect at a continental breakfast. I loved eating a few items and then coming back for some more later. They also had fresh smoothies and a selection of teas and coffee.  If you wanted to start your holiday early there was a selection of alcoholic beverages such as wine and some spirits. All of this was included in the 35 euros. The most impressive part of this lounge was the beautiful views of the planes departing and landing at the airport. The lounge is very close to the runway so it felt like I could almost touch the airplanes.

An oasis in a busy airport

There was something so relaxing about being there. Even though everyone was waiting for a flight, the quietness and relaxed nature of the lounge put everyone at ease. It was very contrary to the normal hustle and bustle of people I saw before entering the lounge. Once as the flight was boarding, an announcement was made over the intercom in the lounge, sadly meaning it was time to go. It made the whole flying experience stress free and was a great start to my holiday.

Check out all the info for the 51st and Green lounge here