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The travel TECH accessories I always bring with me on vacation

When you love your tech accessories as much as I do, planning what to bring on holidays is key. There are some items I could not travel without and they come with me everywhere I go around the globe. Here are my favourite travel tech accessories I always have to hand on vacation. PRO TIP: a week before your holidays check all your devices are fully charged. I usually make the mistake of leaving it until the night before meaning ...
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5 Phone accessories in Penny’s for under 10 euro

You may know Penny’s for its super cheap clothing, beauty and homewares. Looking for some phone accessories and don’t want to spend a fortune to get them? Did you know that Pennys also has a Technology section?  The one thing I hate with my iPhone is when the cable breaks (or I lose the thing which happens ALOT) I hate having to cough up 20 euros for a new cable. Penny’s has a lot of different tech accessories available at ...

New to Dear Passerby? Start here

New to Dear Passerby? Here is a list of all my best blog posts in one place for you to find Dear Passerby was established April 2016. Little did I think when I started out with this blog I would have come up with so many blog posts about my travels around the globe. While I don’t expect you to read all of them, here is just a few of my favourites to get you started. My top Travel Posts ...