10 things to do in the quaint town of Antibes: A Guide

Antibes is an old town between Nice and Cannes. It is very accessible by train or by bus, it is a lovely day trip if you are staying in one of these cities. During my stay in the neighbouring town of Juan Le Pins, I spent a lot of time in Antibes.
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How to get there

From Nice take the Cannes train from Gare de Nice-Ville Station. There are also regular busses but the train is more direct.

Things to do in Antibes 

This town is well-known for its boating  and it provincial market where fresh produce is sold on a daily basis. However there are lots more to discover in the town. Here are my favourite things to do in Antibes

Catch some rays at the beach

There are a few beaches in Antibes and all of them are very beautiful. There is the Plage de la Gravette which is closer to the old part of nice. However it is quite small and can get busy during the summer. If you walk out a bit further there is a lovely long beach call Plage Ponteil. It is great for lounging around and going for a dip in the Sea.


Walk along the stone wall surrounding Antibes

Antibes is an old town and like most old towns has a wall guarding the outside of the city. If you are down by the port, walk up the steps where you can walk along the wall surrounding the town. There are beautiful views of the town, the beach and the surrounding areas. It is also a great viewing point to people watch.

See all the lovely boats and yachts

The boats in Antibes vary in size and shape. Some of the boats there are huge and could almost pass for a cruise liner. Take a stroll down along by the port and have a look at the different boats from all over the world that are docked there.

People watching

Antibes is a great place for people watching, especially around the market area. A few places that I enjoyed sitting outside and soaking in the atmosphere were:
Drinkers Club – This pub was situated slightly uphill near the Provencal market. It did great snacks if you were looking for something to eat with a few drinks to keep you going until dinner.  
The Hopstore – This is a great Irish pub. It was lovely to sit outside during the day and a good place to go if you were looking to watch a match or two 
La Creme BruleeThis place do a nice Croque Monsieur. It is also near a corner where a lot of entertainers base themselves. 
L’Elephant Bleu – One of the nicest restaurants I went to during my trip to the south of France was an Asian restaurant called L’Elephant Bleu. It is right along  the wall that encroaches on the outer ring of the town next to the pier. This was a really appetising meal and was not too expensive in comparison to other restaurants in the area. It was lovely to sit outside and have dinner and watch entertainers play music and dance as they passed by. 

Provencal Market

One of the things you must do in Antibes is attend the Provencal market. This is one of the most famous markets in the south of France and has an abundance of food and preserves.  The famous french lavender is also sold here in different forms such as soap and essential oils. My favourite treat at the Provincial Market was the Socca pancake made out of  chickpeas. This is the local speciality and you must try some when you’re there.

Absinte bar

This bar is located in a basement near the market. Absinte is not really something I would normally have but it is nice to go to the bar just to say you experienced it. The waiters are very helpful and will show you how to drink Absinte, the old-fashioned way.

Cap D’Antibes

Cap D’Antibes is the peninsula between Juan les Pins and Antibes. I went on a walk from Juan les Pins to Antibes while I was on holidays. I was expecting more from the walk to be honest. There is supposed to be amazing views however most of the scenery is blocked by large houses. I still enjoyed the day as I stopped in a few restaurants and cafe’s along the way and got to see interesting things on my route. I think if I was doing this again I would get the bus some of the way or cycle.

Picasso Museum

One of the most famous residents of Antibes was Pablo Picasso. He  spent six months in the town in 1946 working on his art. Go through his old workshop and find out more about this famous artist.  The beautiful views of the sea and the boats passing by is worth the admittance fee alone.

Vintage markets

Near the main square there is a vintage market every Sunday. You can pick up vintage items such as paintings, jewellery, ornaments and even old postcards to name a few. There is also another market next to the Provencal market that specialises in books.

Gelateria Del Porto Ice cream

The South of France is full of different ice cream shops offering an abundance of flavours. When I saw this place getting rave reviews on TripAdvisor  I was eager to try out the place myself.  Sometimes places get really good reviews because they are in a good location where a lot of tourists frequent. Because of this I am a little sceptical of TripAdvisor sometimes. When I arrived to the ice cream parlour there was quite a large queue of people waiting to try the  ice-cream. Even though the place was busy the service was very good and the staff are eager to chat. The ice cream did not disappoint.  It was definitely the best ice cream I had tasted in the South of France.  I had some of their chocolate ice cream and was absolutely delicious. If only I had packed up and brought it home with me!
Is the lovely town  and is a great place to visit if you are near Nice or can I travelling in the south of France. There is such a relaxing atmosphere there. With so many lovely restaurants and cafes it is so easy to relax and enjoy your holiday.
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