My visit to the Casa Bacardi Museum, Sitges

casa bacardi sitges

During my weeks holiday in Sitges, I decided to take a break from the beach and explore the town.

One of the things I did was visit the Casa Bacardi, the museum celebrating all that the famous white rum offers.

Visitor Centre

Casa Bacardi Sitges

When you enter the museum, you are given a guided tour through the visitor centre where you learn all about the Bacardi family and how they became a success when they travelled from Sitges to Cuba and set up their business. Bacardi is the largest privately owned spirits company in the world and employs over 6000 people across the globe. The staff in the museum were really friendly and were really knowledgeable about Bacardi

We are also given information about the famous bat logo. When Facundo Barcardi’s wife, Dona Amalia was scouting out potential factories in Cuba, there was a family of bats in the building. A bat being a symbol of good luck in Catalonia and Cuba was seen as a sign to start their business in that building. They opted to have a bat as a symbol of the company hence the famous logo was born.

Cocktail Making Casa Bacardi, Sitges

Distillation & cocktail making

The tour guide goes through the distillation process where you get to sample the rum at all the different stages of distillation. At the end of the tour, the guide brings you into the bar section of the tour where we are shown all the different types of cocktails including a mojito, rum and coke and one of their signature cocktails.

We then got to try and make one of the cocktails ourselves which was really good fun.  Once as we were finished we got the option to sit outside or sit in their bar and enjoy the cocktail that we had just made.

The cost

The whole tour took about an hour and cost 9 euros. It was great value for money. They also do a three-hour cocktail making course at different times during the week.