How I run Dear Passerby: Information on Sponsored Posts & Affiliate link

There have been many discussions recently about how bloggers make their money. In this post, I explain how my blog is run

My blog is my hobby. Thankfully I have a 9-5 job that pays the bills, therefore I can be more particular about what projects or companies I work with on my blog with regards to sponsored posts and getting paid for my work.

To run and maintain my blog is not free. Hosting my website on the internet costs me 90 euros a year. I also did a big overhaul of my blog this year.To make my blog run more efficiently, I bought a theme which also cost money. It may look like from my blog and social media that I get paid to travel to all these exotic places but the majority of the time these trips are self-funded. These are places I want to go and visit and I love sharing them with you. For the purposes of being open about my blog here are some of the things I do on Dear Passerby to make a few euros to keep the site running.

Sponsored Posts

If a post is declared as sponsored by or written in conjunction with a brand it means it was paid for.  As I mentioned before I already have a job that pays the bills so I only work with companies or destinations who I feel my readers would actually be interested in. If you search for these terms on my blog you will need to look hard to find many posts. It’s not that I don’t declare, I just rarely do sponsored posts.

Affiliate links

This is a method used a lot more on blogs to make money. An affiliate link is the same as a normal link except there is extra code in the background that tells the recommended website where the reader came from. If you click on an affiliate link and buy a product I get a small fee from the sale. For many websites, they are also able to track if you originally came from my blog, didn’t purchase at the time but returned later and bought a product. I also get a small fee for this. It does not cost you anything extra – it is something a company does for bloggers to say thank you for recommending their site. How will you know it’s an affiliate link? I will disclose it in the blog post. Most of my affiliate links come from

Hosted Trips

Some of the trips I have taken have been hosted by a tourist board. I don’t get paid for these trips. Sometimes I may get complimentary accommodation or activities during my stay in exchange for promoting the destination. I don’t go on many of these trips as I feel I have more freedom to explore when I organise a trip on my own. They also run hosted trips certain times of the year which doesn’t always suit me with work. However, If I do work with a company or tourist board I will let you know in the blog post.

Free tickets/ products etc

There have been occasions where I have gotten free tickets to events and invites to some premieres in the cinema. I have never received a free product in exchange for a review. I am open to receiving products, however, I have never gotten an offer that I was happy to write about. If this does happen I will disclose it in the post. This is similar to disclosures I have made on blog posts about tickets and invites I have gotten in the past.

I hope this blog post has given you a better understanding of how my blog is run. I think it’s important for you to know as the reader what you are being recommended is genuine.I love talking about my blog. If you have any questions or queries about anything feel free to ask.