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Dunkirk Movie Review: An excellent depiction of a true war story

VIsual Effects 8
Character Portrayal9
Costume Design 8
8.1Overall Score

The Plot

Over 400,000 British soldiers are stranded on a beach in Dunkirk while waiting to be evacuated in German occupied France during the second world war. Based on a true story, the navy has to rely on small civilian vessels in order to land on the beaches to help rescue soldiers.

Telling the real story of Dunkirk

The opening scene throws the audience quickly into the situation that is facing the British and French soldiers. The cinematography really captures the fear and impending doom that awaits these men.

The story focuses on a number of soldiers participating in the war in Dunkirk.  There are three timelines in the story. The Beach at Dunkirk. A civilian boat sailing to Dunkirk and two jet fighter planes. The timeline changes according to whoever the story is focused on at that point in time. This was quite ambiguous at the beginning as the only clue you receive is the description “one week”, “one day”, “one hour”, from the different timelines. It wasn’t until the audience see Cillian Murphy’s character in a different boat at night that you realise the timeline difference.

With so many true story accounts of what happened at Dunkirk,  Christopher Nolan had a difficult job to condense these events into a 140-minute movie. While there is no lead character in the movie, you learn enough of each character to understand their need to survive and return home.

The real heroes in this movie are not the soldiers but the civilians who came to the aid of the army who without them would not have survived. I would not categorise this film as a war movie but as a survival movie against the Germans and the harshness of the English Channel.

What I thought of Dunkirk

I think Christopher Nolan did a good job of this movie. Some audience members are regarding this as Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece. I don’t know if I would go so far as to state this, primarily due to the fact that Christopher Nolan has so many good, well-directed films.  Dunkirk will definitely get a few nods around award season. If you’re planning on going to this cinema this week, Dunkirk is a good option.


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