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My amazing overnight cruise of Halong Bay, Vietnam

During my amazing trip to Vietnam, we went on an overnight cruise of Halong Bay. This cruise was amazing and was the highlight of my trip to Vietnam 

Halong Bay is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is approximately 3 hours from Hanoi. It has over a thousand Limestone Islands which creates a beautiful seascape. There are many boats and cruise ships that can take you out to visit these islands

Our overnight trip to Halong Bay

We were  collected from our hotel in Hanoi in the morning by our tour, V’Spirit Cruises and made our way to Halong Bay by bus. We were returning to the same hotel over the cruise so the hotel kindly offered to keep our bags for us. This meant we only needed to bring an overnight bag to Halong Bay. The bus Journey is about three hours long but there is a tour guide with you at all times who will give you information along the way which passes the time. It is also nice to see parts of the Vietnamese countryside and watching farmers in paddy fields.

When we arrived on the boat the first thing I noticed is the beautiful views. There are many little islands dotted around the sea and it is amazing to watch them as you pass by. When we arrived on the boat we were offered welcome drinks and Lunch. Lunch was plentiful, fresh and tasty. We were also shown how to make Vietnamese spring rolls which was great fun. Our chef also made some beautiful animal sculptures made out of fruit.

Halong Bay - Vietnam

Our cabin for the night was surprisingly spacious and really comfortable. I loved looking out my window and watching the islands and the other boats float by.

Ti Top Island

For an afternoon excursion, we went to visit a cave followed by an hour on a beach on Ti-top Island. During this excursion, we could choose between the beach or a walk up the 400 steps to the top of the Island. Unless you have a heart condition I recommend doing the walk to the top of the Island as the view is spectacular.

FullSizeRender (4)

We then returned to the boat to watch the sunset and have dinner. Throughout the stay overnight on the boat, the food was amazing and plenty of it. They presented you with an array of dishes and when the food was finished more appeared.

Thai Chi and Monkey Island

The following day we had Thai chi in the morning on the deck of the boat. After this, we went kayaking to monkey Island in Halong bay where we saw lots of monkeys

We then returned to the boat for more food and made our way back to the dock.

After our trip to Halong Bay, we returned to the busy city of Hanoi which is a completely different world in comparison to the beautiful scenery of Halong Bay.

Halong Bay was such an amazing overnight trip. I would definitely make this part of your holiday if you are going to Vietnam
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