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8 ways to increase your Instagram followers

Instagram followers

Do you have amazing photos you want to share with the world on Instagram but have no followers?  Are you getting little or no engagement with your latest selfie? By using these tips I went from having 500 followers to over 1000 followers in less than a week. It takes effort and work to get your Instagram going but it will have good results

Here is how to increase your Instagram followers;

1: Your Bio

Have a look at your bio. What does it say? Does it portray your interests? Spend time on creating a good bio. Have a look at other Instagram accounts that you like and see how they write their descriptions.  Some bios have emoji’s others talk about what type of camera they use to take photos. It’s entirely up to you what you say but you need to explain to other Instagrammers what your account is about.

Below is an example of some bios.

2: Your Instagram feed

When people land on your Instagram account the first thing they see is your feed. You may have lovely photos individually but do they look good together? Examine your Instagram feed and see how all your photos look. Are there a few photos that don’t really fit? Are there a few photos that are not “Instagram-worthy”? Delete these photos straight away.  You want your feed to look as amazing as possible. Keep this thought in mind in future when you post photos “How will they fit into your Instagram feed as a whole? A good app for this is UNUM. It has the same layout as Instagram allowing you to play around with different photos to see what works together. You can edit and upload photos to Instagram straight from the app.

Another tip I use is to create a completely separate account on Instagram. Make it private so only you can see it and test photos out by uploading them there first.

here is an example of some nice Instagram feeds below

3: When to upload photos.

If you want to succeed with Instagram you should post at least one photo a day. There is an app called later where you can schedule your photos.  It will prompt you on a daily basis to post your pictures at a particular time of the day.  Most Instagram photos do better in the evening time after 6 pm however the next tip will help you understand posting times better.

4: The analytics of Instagram

If you want to find out more about the analytics of your followers you should switch to a business account. It looks the same as a regular account except you can have a contact button on your profile.  It will give you full information on the engagement of your photos and the demographics of your followers. It will also give you a more accurate idea of when is the best time to post photos. It is free to switch your account so why not do it?

5: Editing your photos

I suggest editing your photos before you upload them to Instagram. Some Instagrammers use 2 to 3 editing apps before uploading their photos to Instagram. There are so many apps to choose from but my favourite app is Snapseed. All the photos I upload on Instagram are taken on my iPhone. If you want to find out more about how to take amazing photos on your phone have a look at this blog post. 

6: Hashtags

Hashtags are very important.  Many people search different types of hashtags when they are looking for particular photos or new Instagrammers to follow. Unlike other platforms on Instagram you can use as many hashtags as you like. When using hashtags think about what is in the photo such as #mountains, #trees #food etc. Include the location of the photo such as #wildatlanticway #NYC. Also look at the theme of the photo such as #nature #art #food. Use a particular hashtag that is being generated by a campaign.  If it fits with the photo include it like #discoverireland.

There are particular accounts on Instagram if you include their hashtag with your photo they may feature you on their account. Some examples are The Visuals CollectiveThe Passion Passport, and Instagrammers Dublin.  If you are unsure where to start with hashtags a good app to use is Focal Mark. You select the different themes of your photo and they will come up with the hashtags for you. Even if you use this app I still suggest to include one or two of your own.

Should I put hashtags in the comment section? 

There is a lot of talk about whether you should include the hashtags with the photo or just put them in as a comment afterward.  Some people have advised that Instagram doesn’t include them when in the comments section. Others say it doesn’t matter.  I think it’s better just to put them in a grouping after whatever sentence or two you have included with the photo but it is up to you.


7: Follow and engage with others that have similar interests.

If you have interests such as food or dogs why don’t you follow others that have similar interests? When starting out I recommend following a significant amount such as 200 Instagrammers a day for the first week. Like other people’s photos and leave genuine comments on their profile. There are a lot of apps that will generate comments automatically so if you just leave a comment saying “nice photo” you may not get a response as they may think you’re a bot. Talk about what is in the photo or the location. Ask the person a question. You are more likely to get more engagement if you put more effort into your comments.

If people leave a comment on your photos always try to respond back. Even if you think it’s an automated comment, reply back and say thanks as the person will get a notification on their feed.

8: See who has unfollowed you

I hate it when someone requests to follow you, you like their account so you follow them back. You then find out a day later they have unfollowed you. A good app to find out who has unfollowed you is the Followers app to find out those sneaky accounts.

I hope these tips will help you grow your account. If you want to follow me on Instagram you can locate me here. Best of luck with your Instagram adventures.
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