Jean Leon: My first trip to a vineyard

Jean Leon Vineyard

During my trip to Sitges, I decided I wanted to learn more about wine. For a day trip, I set out on a visit to Jean Leon vineyard.

How to get there 

Jean Leon Vineyard is about 25 minutes outside of the beautiful town on Sitges where we stayed for a week. As I hate driving when I’m travelling, we organised a taxi to pick us up from our hotel. 

Jean Leon: A History

When we landed in the vineyard we were greeted by the resident sommelier. Who gave us a tour of the vineyard and told us the history of Jean Leon. He told us the extraordinary story of how Jean Leon left his destitute life in Spain to go to France. He later travelled to America where he became a success. He was the owner of one of the most famous restaurants (La Scala) in Beverly Hills where famous actors and celebrities of the time dined there
He decided to set up his own vineyard outside of Sitges using French grapes to create delicious wines

How wine is made

We were given a tour of the vineyard. We saw the different types of wine grapes and the care they require to get the different flavours. We were also shown the barrels they are processed in. At the end of the tour, we got to sample the wines themselves. We were given a sample of the wines accompanied with different types of cheeses. These were specially selected to compliment the flavours of the wine.  My favourite wine was the Rosé. I am not a huge Rosé drinker but this particular one was so delicious and perfect for a summer’s day. If you like the wines you can buy a bottle or two yourself to bring home with you. 
Once as the tour was over the vineyard called a taxi for us to bring us back to our hotel. The tour itself was quite cheap. Only 14 euros each, but, the taxi to and from Sitges cost 60 euros in total. It was well worth the trip but would have been cheaper if there was a group of four to share the taxi. 

What I Thought of Jean Leon Vineyard

As it was my first time at a vineyard I didn’t know what to expect. Even though it is a relatively new vineyard in comparison to some of the older French ones, I felt I learned a lot and have a greater understanding of how wine is made. I think this is a great way to spend an afternoon if you want to do something a bit different other than relax at the beach.