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La La Land: How this movie broke my heart into pieces

Character Portrayal10
Visual Effects8
9Overall Score

This week I took a spontaneous trip to the cinema to see La La Land. (Well I don’t know really if you can call it a spontaneous trip when I go nearly every week but anyway). This movie has been getting rave reviews and won the most golden globes for a single movie ever. Needless to say I was curious to see more.

The Plot

This movie is set in modern-day life around two struggling artists. Emma Stone plays the character of Mia the struggling actress who is trying to make it big. Ryan Gosling plays Sebastian the pianist who has an obsession with Jazz music and is unwilling to give up on this dying genre.

What I thought of La La Land.

Before I get into the movie itself I have to state I hate movie musicals. There is just something about a whole group of individuals who have never met all of a sudden starting to sing and dance in unison that doesn’t make sence to me.

The first opening number was one of these performances. It was absolutely fine and I am sure musical fans loved it. I must give credit also to the fact it was all shot in one take. However, the two things I kept thinking were:

1.- I can’t believe they were allowed to shut down a busy LA highway to shoot this scene

2.- I hope this is not what the whole movie is going to be like.

The Cast

Thankfully the movie was nothing like what I thought it was going to be. While Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are not the best singers they are amazing performers. Their acting skills are second to none and I think they gave it their all in this movie. There was a particular scene in the movie where Emma Stone does an audition for an acting job and it is heart wrenching.

An old romantic movie in a new age

The cinematography is beautiful and shows Los Angeles in such a romantic light. The soundtrack is excellent also and has some beautiful tunes. This is definitely an album that is going to be on repeat in my house.

This is where it broke my heart

Without giving anything away the end of the movie is quite sad and really made me quite emotional. I hadn’t felt this upset after a movie since Disney Pixar’s Up. Even after I left the cinema and headed to a bar for drinks, I sat crying into a cocktail while onlookers thought I was having some sort of mental breakdown!

Even if you don’t like musicals you will really enjoy this movie. It is a truly romantic movie of old brought into a modern-day era. I think after this movie is long gone from the cinema it will remain as a classic to be watched over and over again.


Check out the trailer below