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Live by Night: one of the best prohibition genre movies

Character Portrayal6
Visual Effects7.4
6.9Overall Score

This week I got to go to the Irish Premiere screening of Live by Night in the Savoy cinema in Dublin

The Plot

Live by night is set in the 1920s era in Boston when prohibition is in high swing. Joe Coughlin (Ben Affleck) is a war veteran and the son of a police officer (Played by Brendan Gleeson). He decides to turn to an Italian mobster to get revenge on an Irish mob boss.  Coughlin moves to Florida to set up the Italian Mob family’s rum business. This is where the real gangster fun begins.

Starring, directed, produced and screenplay written by Ben Affleck. (Is there nothing this man can’t do?)

What I thought of Live By Night

The movie itself was very well written and executed. As with many mafia movies, there is a lot of different dynamics at play.  There is an abundance of rival gangs, law enforcement, and love interests. This movie was able to handle all this while also driving the main storyline of Coughlin who is central to the movie. We can see him throughout the film being the reluctant mafia boss. While he makes attempts to become more legitimate, unlike other mafia movies he is unwilling to use illegitimate means to get there.

The Cast

The Cast were excellent and added value to the movie. One of my favourite characters was Dion Bartolo (Chris Messina). Chris is most known for his role in the tv show, The Mindy project.  He gave a good performance of what you would imagine a typical gangster to be in the 1920’s. A special note must also be given to Elle Fanning. She had a great performance as Loretta Figgis, daughter of the local Police Chief

I enjoyed this movie and feel it will be a film that will last in its genre similar to Untouchables or Once upon a time in America. I encourage you to see it in the cinema. It will be in the cinemas on Friday the 13th of January 2017

Check out the trailer below.