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Wonder Woman Success: Will Marvel finally have a female lead?

DC comics have got a lot of criticism of late with many of their movies being box office flops.

The much-anticipated Suicide Squad and Batman v’s Superman received a huge backlash over poor storylines and bad performances. While I thought Batman v’s Superman was actually quite good many people were not happy with first movie in the Justice League franchise.
When the Wonder Woman movie was due release, DC comics kept the media embargo in place until last-minute. This was due to fear of another flop in the box office. Not only did it break records with making over 228 million worldwide opening weekend, It now also holds the record for the biggest US opening by a female director. This movie got great reviews by critics and fans alike with a rating of 92% on rotten tomatoes.

Will Marvel finally listen to their fan base?

With this positive reaction to the movie will Marvel step up to the plate and create more movies with a female lead? Comic books are no longer a male dominated space. Nearly half of comic book readers are female.  According to the Guardian 60% of movie-goers of Wonder Woman during opening weekend were women. A great deal of criticism of female comic book characters in the past has been due to their unrealistic clothing. Other issues have been that better storylines go to their male superhero counterparts. The argument for this has always been that comic book writers and artists were male dominated. This has now changed where there are more female writers and graphic designers than ever. Some of these include Ming Doyle, Kelly Sue DeConnik and G Willow Wilson who are creating better, diverse female characters.

Black Widow and Captain Marvel

Marvel in May last year committed to making an Avengers movie dedicated to Black Widow. Yet they have not officially confirmed a date.  With their movie schedule already set until 2019, this will not be happening any time soon. It has taken Marvel a long time to make a decision on this. Scarlett Johansson was introduced as Black Widow in Iron man 2 in 2010. Captain America, Thor and Iron Man all have had three movies each with Hulk also having a dedicated movie. Other characters have also been introduced such as Ant Man, Guardians of The Galaxy and Dr Strange.

What is in store for a Marvel female lead?

Why has it taken so long for Marvel to make a decision on a female lead movie when there is clearly a market for it? Marvel have confirmed the female character Ms Marvel will have a dedicated movie titled Captain Marvel. This will be staring Brie Larson and is due to be released in 2019 but is this too little too late? Unfortunately any female lead will now be compared to Wonder Woman so Marvel will need to up their game if they want to compete.