My first time sampling wine at O’Briens Winter Wine Festival

This month I was kindly offered tickets from the O’Briens team to come along to the O’Briens winter wine festival.

It was my first time at an event of this kind. As I know absolutely nothing about wine I was excited to learn more about the different types of wine and explore wines from different regions at O’Briens Winter Wine Festival.

What was the O’Briens Winter wine fest like?

I went to their Friday evening event, it was the first of their two-day festival in Dublin.  I arrived about half an hour after the event started and it was already in full swing. The minute I entered the building I was presented with a book with all the details of the wines available to sample. I was also given a Tipperary Crystal glass which was my glass for the night to taste all the wines. (It was also mine to take home after the event)

The first thing I did before exploring the stalls was to sign myself up for one of the Masterclasses that were taking place throughout the evening. Once I had done this it was time to look at the wines.

There were over 70 stalls on display with two or three wines each. Many of the wines were from European countries such as France, Spain, and Italy. There were also beverages from further afield such as Chile and New Zealand.  I loved being able to meet the producers and talk about their work and discover the passion they have for wine and their product in particular. There were also other stands with samples of champagne which I believe was a first at the OBriens Wine Fest.

O’Briens Winter Wine Festival

The Masterclass

After some time sampling the wines I went to the masterclass where the owner of Domaine La Sarabande wine gave us information on the local vineyards in her area and also how her wine was made. She talked about her different types of wine and explained how they came to make the wine and picking the name for their brand.

The newbies versus the experienced wine connoisseurs

I loved meeting other people at the wine fest also. There were clearly two types of people at this wine fest. People like me who were complete newbies and the more experienced O’Brien’s Wine Fest-goers. The experienced bunch came prepared with cheese and grapes to go with all the lovely wine they were having. I had a better understanding why they brought the food by the end of the night. Needless to say, I was full of merriment by the time the wine fest finished at 9 pm.

Would I recommend going to a wine festival?

It was a great event and I really enjoyed my first time at O’Briens Wine Fest. I learned a lot and I got to try new wines which I would never have tried before. Tickets cost 28 euros which I think is great value for the amount of wine you get. All the proceeds from the tickets go to the Jack and Jill Foundation. This means you can feel good in more way than one while sipping your wine.

If you want to keep an eye out for any upcoming events in the future you can go to the O’Briens website where you will find all the information


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