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October: what to watch in the Cinema and Netflix

There is a number of good movies being released this month. With Oscar season on the horizon in January this is usually the time of year you start to see the Academy Awards potentials being released. Check out my picks for the Cinema and Netflix this month.


Girl on a Train – 7th October 

For anyone who has read the book many have been waiting for this movie for a while. It is about a woman who takes the same train everyday. A woman goes missing and she may be the last person to see her with her possible killer – from the train.  The trailers released look fantastic. If you were a fan of Gone Girl you will love this movie


War on Everyone – 7th October 

Starring Theo James and Alexander Skarsgård, this movie is based in New Mexico where two cops plan to blackmail and frame every criminal, however when they meet their match it may not work out so well for them.

Inferno – 14th October 

The long-awaited follow-up in the De Vinci Code Series, Inferno will be in cinemas this month. Expect a lot of Tom Hanks dashing around to classy European locations


Doctor Strange – 28th October

Another superhero is being introduced into the Marvel Franchise. Doctor Strange starring Benidict Cumberbatch and Rachel McAdams is sure to be a win amongst diehard Marvel fans



Black Mirror – 21st October

If you enjoyed the Channel Four series it is now coming to Netflix but will also be bringing with it a new Season. Each Black Mirror episode is a stand alone story which makes you question your morals and convictions.


The seige of Jadotville  – 7th October

This movie is based on a true story of Irish UN battalion under siege from the Congolese army. Starring Jamie Dornan, this sounds like one to watch.


Midnight Diner – 21st October

As the name suggests, this series is about a Tokyo diner that opens from midnight until 7am and will cook you whatever you request. I wonder how this place would work in Ireland (can I have some chips garlic and cheese please!!)


I am the pretty thing that lives in the house – 27th October

This movie is about a woman who begins a new job caring for an elderly writer of Ghost stories. As the story unfolds so does some personal ghost stories of their own.