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What to expect from season seven of Game of Thrones

As the penultimate season approaches there is a great deal Game of Thrones needs to cover this season in order to wrap things up.

From Wildfire, power plays and mysterious Targaryens, this season is going to be the most exciting one yet.

There are so many fan theories rolling around the websphere it is hard to keep up. Game of Thrones have even gotten Jon Harrington to film an extra 15 hours of alternative footage in order to put off any leaks. Here is my take on what I think is going to happen this season.

Spoiler Alert: As the season has not started yet, there are no spoilers of season 7 in this blog post. There are discussions of what happened in season six and a lot of fan theories which may be right. If you don’t want anything to be spoiled best stop reading now. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Recap of season six

It seems like forever since season six ended so just in case you forgot here is where the last season ended.

  • Like I said in my last season predictions, Daenerys Targaryen has finally decided to head to Kingslanding with her ships, dragons and the biggest army the seven kingdoms has ever seen.
  • All the nobles of Westeros have gone up in flames of Wildfire thanks to Cersei Lannister
  • Tommen Baratheon has committed suicide making Cersei Leader of the 7 kingdoms now that all her children are dead
  • Arya Stark has officially become no one and has begun her kill list starting with Walder Frey
  • Petyr Baelish has declared his love for Sansa Stark and his ambition for them to be King and Queen of the Iron Throne
  • John Snow has been declared Lord of Winterfell and King of the North
  • We now know that Bran Stark can manipulate the past as well as see into the future.
  • The Theory that John Snow is actually the Son of Lyanna Stark and Prince Rhaegar Tygarian has been confirmed

The new season is all about Daenerys

All the first three episodes are about Daenerys Targaryen in some shape or form. We know that Daenerys is on her way to Westeros but I can’t imagine that she will immediately start attacking Kings Landing. I think her first call will be to return to her ancestral home known as Dragontone (also the name of the first episode). We dont actually know who currently controls this castle as it had originally been taken over by Stannis Baratheon who is now dead. We can only assume it is now been used by a Baratheon or a Lannister or has been completely abandoned.  From there she will try to negotiate her way to the Iron Throne and assert her legitimacy. Cersei has nothing left and will do anything to keep control of the seven kingdoms including using wildfire. Daenerys main priority has always been the people and she will do anything to stop this from happening.

Will Jamie finally see sense?

Jamie Lannister seemed unimpressed when he returned to Kings Landing to find Tommen dead and Cersei Queen. He killed “The Mad King” before for threatening to use wildfire to burn down the city. Will he stick around for “The Mad Queen” or will he join forces with Daenerys to bring Cersei down once and for all? In the books Cersei went to a fourtune teller as a girl and where she told Cersei she would see all her children die and the “Valonqar” means “little brother” in Valyrian would kill her. Maybe this prophecy will come true.

Will Jon Snow and Daenerys get together? 

There is been a lot of hope and dreams from fans to see this happening. To be honest I don’t see the benefit to this. Daenerys is smart and will only marry someone who she will see as being an advantage to her. She may need to marry someone who will strengthen her legitimacy to the throne as she was banished by the seven kingdoms. While Jon Snow is now Lord of Winterfell he is still a bastard and this may become an issue if she were to seek him as a husband. I can see them becoming allies when Daenerys eventually turns her efforts to the white walkers which is what Jon is going to be doing for the whole season in my opinion

It makes more sense to me that Daenerys would marry Jamie Lannister. If he leaves the Kinsguard and aligns with Daenerys, I could easily see this happening as the Lannisters are seen as a great household, Jamie is respected in Westeros and this would strengthen Daenerys stronghold. Plus Jamie seems to have a thing for blonds 🙂

I could also see Littlefinger changing allegiances and aligning himself to Daenerys in order to pursue his ultimate goal of becoming King on the Iron Throne. I don’t buy him having a sincere love for Sansa. I think it suits his interests at this time but I wonder will he change if he feels Winterfell’s interests are more to do with the North than Kings Landing.


The White Walkers

The White Walkers are going to feature a lot in this new season. Interestingly in the last episode of season six, we see Bran Stark Being helped by his uncle Benjen Stark who we assumed was dead. He seemed to have his full senses but he now has the appearance of a White Walker. In his conversation with Bran, he says he cannot go past the Wall as it is made of magic and dead things cannot pass the wall. Does this mean the White Walkers cannot pass the wall? If this is the case this season will be about Jon Snow protecting the wall and the Night King (leader of the White Walkers) trying to tear it down.

Will Bran finally get back to his family? 

It seems like forever since Bran set out on his quest, now that he has learned a few skills along the way as well as finding out that Jon Snow is actually his cousin will they finally meet? I think this is inevitable at this point. In the trailer for the new season, we see Bran in a wheelchair so he must have gotten back to “civilization” in order to be looked after in such a way. There is also the theory that Bran has been all the Bran Starks including the one who built the wall with magical powers. This theory is very possible given the fact we have seen him change the outcome of Hodor’s life. RIP Hodor #neverforget

Arya Stark is out to kill them all. 

Now Arya has become a master of being no one she is out to kill everyone on her list including Littlefinger. During a photo shoot promoting the new season, Maisie Williams was spotted with his dagger leading to an abundance of theories that he is going to die at the hand of Arya this season. I think this is just a ploy to throw the viewers off. I think Arya might show leniency towards Littlefinger given he did not out her when she was at Casterly Rock posing as a servant girl.  I can see Petyr Baelish giving her this dagger to carry out more revenge as it might suit his interests.

Euron Greyjoy set to be the biggest villain ever.

It is hard to imagine a bigger villain than Ramsey Bolten in Game of Thrones but Euron Greyjoy is said to tip the scales will evilness this season. He was introduced last season when he killed his brother and took over the Iron Islands leaving Theon and Yara Greyjoy to flee with all the ships to fight with Daenerys. While this was initially Euron’s idea, now that his family has sided with Daenerys he now may turn to Cersei for support. This could be mutually beneficial for both of them as Cersei does not have many friends left.

Is Tyrion Lannister actually a Targaryen also?

There has been a lot of fan theories suggesting that Tyrion Lannister is also a Targaryen. This feeds into the theory that Jon, Tyrion, and Daenerys will be the riders of the three dragons. I feel this would be great for Tyrion as he always felt he didn’t belong as a Lannister. This would also reaffirm Tyrion’s ability to enter into the cave of dragons and escape alive without harm.

There is also a theory that one of these people is the foretold Azor Ahai. This is a legendary figure in the Game of Thrones religion Lord of Light. It is foretold that he will be reborn into the prince that was promised. According to the prophecy, this figure would be reborn “amidst salt and smoke” and pull a flaming sword from the flames, Lightbringer, to combat an impending darkness. All these three match the criteria for various reasons however I don’t think we are going to find this out until season 8

And finally, will these two people ever meet? 

I think the whole of Westeros would combust over the awesomeness if Lyanna Mormont and Olenna Tyrell were to ever meet. Please, Game of Thrones let this happen this season.



Check out the trailer for the new season here