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Silence: Not quite the movie I was expecting

Character Portrayal 4.6
Visual Effects4.2
5Overall Score

This week I eagerly went to the cinema to see Martin Scorsese’s movie Silence.

Apparently, this movie has been in the making for several years and it is clear to see the director self-indulged quite a bit when making this movie.


Word is brought from merchants that (Liam Neeson) Father Ferreira, a priest who renounced his faith in Japan where he was spreading the word of God. Two students of  Father Ferreira set off on a quest to discover his whereabouts in Japan and find out if the rumors are actually true. The Roman Catholic faith is outlawed in Japan and therefore the priests must travel in secret when on their quest.

What I think of the movie

Throughout this movie, I was expecting something to happen. I believed the movie was going to be mainly about the rescue mission of the priest, however, it was mostly about the religious faith and persecution of the Japanese people because of it. The movie in total was three hours. I believed if you took an hour out of the film the audience would not have missed anything. It is not until the end we realise it is a dutch merchant trader who is telling the story of the priests. While the other actors were very good in the movie, Liam Neeson who was central in the trailer is not in the movie that often.  If you’re at the cinema and planning to watch this avoid it and spend your money on something else.

Check out the trailer for Silence here.