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SS-GB: New WW2 Drama where the Nazi’s won

I love period dramas and when I heard the concept for this new TV show SS-GB I got really excited.

A new BBC mini-series based on Len Deighton’s critically acclaimed novel SS-GB will be coming to our screens in February.

Although the name is not that catchy, this TV show is set to be one of the best new shows to hit our screens this year.

What is SS-GB about?

Set in World War Two where the Nazi’s had won the war and had taken over the United Kingdom. This TV show explores the idea of an alternative reality to the history that we know.

The story is set on the life of  Douglas Archer, a detective from Scotland yard who is investigating a murder and discovers some secrets along the way.

The BBC have taken their time when it comes to this series having been nearly three years in the making.

Starring  Sam Ridley, Kate Bosworth and James Cosmo this TV has gotten rave reviews from the premiere screening of the first episode in London last week.

Watch the first of five episodes on BBC1 on Sunday , February 19 at 9pm

Check out the trailer below